Hotel Commission Billing & Recovery Services for Travel Agencies

Business Model

Since 1987, Commtrak has delivered supplemental hotel billing and commission recovery services to travel firms in North America. Commtrak customers currently include many of the most respected agencies and distribution firms, and the majority of the agencies listed in the current Travel Weekly Power List.

The agency, or a contracted 3rd party, forwards selected hotel files to Commtrak on a monthly schedule. The required billing data is easily accessed from all agency back room systems. Files reflect open, unresolved records from specific time periods. Items have usually been previously invoiced by the agency or another third party. The agency ages documents according to their preferred parameters. Commtrak receives files only after others have concluded all reconciliation efforts.

Commtrak applies all files to a quality control utility that matches each item to our worldwide hotel database. This utility corrects many record errors, purges duplicates, and identifies and posts many net rate bookings prior to billing.

The edited file is integrated into our invoice database. Commtrak employs an aggregate billing system where individual hotel invoices include records from our entire customer base. As each new hotel file is sent to Commtrak, it is integrated into the existing data pool. Records in our database do not close out until they are resolved, or until they age beyond 24 months from the travel date.

Hotels are billed according to pre-set schedules. As each agency record meets the scheduled billing parameters, it is included on a professionally printed, mailed invoice document. We prefer to bill individual properties, not hotel chains or management groups. While more costly than fax or electronic programs, we feel that our process is far more effective in generating responses. We lower our mailing costs by applying our aggregate billing methodology.

All hotel responses come directly to Commtrak. Our agents accurately match and post every hotel reply to each agency file, both payments and non-revenue responses. Questionable hotel responses are usually pursued by phone/fax contact.

The billing is worldwide. Because each invoice represents multiple agencies, all invoices reflect a single currency (U.S. dollars).

Commtrak provides quarterly reports and payments to all agency customers. Reports are automated, and the reconciliation is also in U.S. dollars. Commtrak charges no direct fees for its effort, relying instead on a simple contingency commission share program with each customer. We earn only if we are successful. The quarterly reconciliation data is available to the agency via secure password-protected access on Commtrak's website. The quarterly report validates the quarterly payment.