Hotel Commission Billing & Recovery Services for Travel Agencies

Hotel Invoice Information

Billing And Response Process

Requesting A W9 Form

Commtrak Payment Options

Billing And Response Process

Commtrak is formally contracted by travel agency firms to provide billing and reconciliation services that seek to resolve hotel bookings that remain open despite the agency's own investigation efforts.

Our goal is to address each hotel supplier with courtesy and professionalism. Receipt of a Commtrak invoice is notification that the agencies listed have not been able to resolve the items with your property. Therefore, most items listed on each invoice are usually aged beyond 120 days from travel. Our commitment to the agency is that we will make every effort to professionally resolve each item, and recover unpaid commissions that are legitimately due.

Commtrak's customers include a majority of the major travel agencies in North America.

Each agency customer listed on the invoice has forwarded the records to Commtrak with the following directive: Hotels are authorized to reply directly back to Commtrak with how each item is resolved, and to pay any commissions due directly to Commtrak. Commtrak in turn delivers comprehensive reconciliation reports and appropriate commission payments back to each agency customer.

Items that appear on a Commtrak invoice can only be closed by Commtrak. Responses and payments directed back to the agency will result in the item remaining open, and it will be re-billed.

Requesting A W9 Form

To request a Commtrak W9 form, please send an email to with a reason as to why you are requesting the W9 form.

Commtrak Payment Options

All hotel payments resulting from a Commtrak invoice must be forwarded only to Commtrak for resolution.

Regardless of payment option used, Commtrak requests that you note the resolution of each item on the invoice, and forward a copy to us via fax or email.

Payment Options:

  1. Check Payment - Payable to Commtrak Corporation and sent to:

  2. Commtrak Corporation
    17493 Nassau Commons
    Lewes, DE 19958 USA

    U.S. Dollar check on a U.S. Bank, or a check in your local currency drawn on a bank in your country. A U.S. Dollar check drawn on a foreign bank (other than Canada) will not be accepted due to excessive bank fees for processing.

  3. ACH (Automated Clearing House) or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

  4. Please contact Commtrak at to request bank information.

  5. Wire Transfer

  6. Please contact Commtrak at to request bank information.

  7. Credit Card - Commtrak accepts only Visa and MasterCard.

  8. Please contact Commtrak at to request credit card payment procedures.