Hotel Commission Billing & Recovery Services for Travel Agencies

Program Options

Most travel agencies find it necessary and important to accurately track hotel commission payments resulting from bookings from both corporate and leisure customers. Hotel bookings that do not result in commission payments should always be invoiced in an effort to recover the unpaid commission amounts.

There are two recommended Primary Reconciliation & Recovery approaches that Commtrak supports for travel firms generating commissionable hotel bookings. Commtrak's travel agency customers are represented by both business models that follow:

  1. The agency itself posts, reconciles, and invoices any unresolved hotel records identified within its own accounting system. All agency accounting systems allow for unresolved records to be identified and billed. Most agencies will invoice open items once or twice in an effort to resolve the records. At the conclusion of the agency billing effort, all remaining unresolved records are forwarded to Commtrak for professional commission recovery. Most agencies forward their hotel records to Commtrak that have aged 90 to 180 days from the travel date.

  2. The agency contracts one of two 3rd party firms that manage the initial commission reconciliation and billing process. Commtrak assumes the billing and collections process when those firms conclude their efforts. The two firms are:

    1. CTS (Commission Tracking Service)

    2. Onyx Center Source

  3. When Commtrak is combined with either agency business model, your agency is guaranteed the most comprehensive hotel commission reconciliation program available.